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Arranmore Base

Arranmore Base

The history of the Mollys is intimately linked with that of Dublin. During the height of the Dublin Gold rush, the field manager in charge of the primary large-scale corporate operation in the system was a ruthless tyrant named Sir Edmund Graves. Graves pushed the miners to the limit in the name of profits, causing many unnecessary deaths. Greed combined with absolute control had proved too tempting. He and his lieutenants began skimming a percentage off the Gold take on a weekly basis.

The miners were pushed harder to cover up the shortfall in shipments back to New London, and the situation became critical. The Founders Day Revolt, as it came to be known, occurred on the annual national Bretonian holiday in 752 AS that commemorated the original founding of New London centuries before. The workers mutinied, executed Graves and his compatriots, and took control of the mining ships Endeavor and Glorious.

The Bretonian military response was swift and furious. Bretonian gunboats arrived shortly, and in the ensuing battle, destroyed the Endeavor and its mutineers. They pursued the Glorious across the system into a dense field, where they stumbled into a large, explosive booby trap set by the fleeing miners. One gunboat was destroyed; several were damaged.

The Battleship Hood was rushed in from New London to restore order. This proved to be the last straw. The remaining miners in the system declared their independence from the ruthless oppressor, and began a long guerrilla war of attrition against the Bretonian government.

In the most famous incident, they disabled the Hood’s engines with a huge mine and set off a large chain-reaction explosion in the ship's aft. The repairs required were extensive and could only be undertaken in the New London shipyard. Unfortunately, the ship was considered too unstable to undertake the journey back through the Jump Gate. It was officially abandoned and stripped of most weaponry, engines, and sensitive electronics. The ship was later reoccupied by the IMG and now serves as the only Freeport within House frontiers.

Despite few tangible victories in their effort to free the Dublin system from control of the Bretonian government, they've still managed to fight a vastly superior military force to a near standstill. The Armed Forces patrols from the Essex usually only respond when the Mollys make attacks on the BMM operation in the GS&M Gold field.

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