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Blood Dragon

Note: This ship was added on the HHC Server.
Blood Dragon

"The serpents tooth," this ship is the razor sharp maw of Kusari military knowledge and technology. The Dragon is the coalescence of form and function, blending unbeatable offensive and defensive capabilities and significant cargo space. In the hands of an experienced pilot this ship is not so much a weapon as a force of nature.

Available on the following planets/stations:
Kyoto Base (Chugoku, E5)

ClassHeavy Fighter
Price379'201 $
Weapon/Missile Slots2 x Class 7
4 x Class 8
Turret SlotsNone
Additional EquipmentCruise Disruptor/Torpedo
ShieldElite Shield Class 8
Max Batteries/Nanobots42/42
Optimal Weapon Class6
Maximum Weapon Class8
Rotationspeed1.38 rad/s
Acceleration Time0.53 s
Acceleration182 m/s^2