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Liberty Cruiser

Note: This ship was added on the HHC Server.
Liberty Cruiser

Possessing a massive coaxially mounted cannon capable of unleashing terrible firepower across vast distances, the venerable cruiser has long stood as deterrent against foreign incursion. While possessing light conventional armaments, the awe inspiring speed and slim profile of this craft provides a strong edge against the battering of larger craft.

The liberty cruiser has only one main gun which fires straight ahead.

Available on the following planets/stations:
Planet Alexandria (Omicron Major 2, E5)

Price9'999'999 $
Weapon/Missile SlotsNone
Turret SlotsNone
Additional EquipmentNone
Max Batteries/Nanobots0/0
Optimal Weapon Class0
Maximum Weapon Class0
Rotationspeed0.15 rad/s
Acceleration Time0.7 s
Acceleration54 m/s^2