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Combat Service Vehicle

Note: This ship was added on the HHC Server.
Combat Service Vehicle

The CSV slowly worked its way into contemporary use, not long after the official recognition of the emergence of the "Junker" population. The precursors of this vessel can be found in the myriad designs employed by individual Junker homebrewed designs found cruising about the inner system junk fields.

The best shield for this ship can be bought on the Hamburg City Liner (Hamburg/D5).

Available on the following planets/stations:
Planet Harris (Tau-31, B4)

ClassLight Fighter
Price453'011 $
Weapon/Missile Slots2 x Class 8
Turret Slots1 x Class 8
Additional EquipmentCountermesures
ShieldFrighter Shield Class 8
Max Batteries/Nanobots42/42
Optimal Weapon Class8
Maximum Weapon Class8
Rotationspeed0.8 rad/s
Acceleration Time0.47 s
Acceleration200 m/s^2