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Modupdate v3.20a

We've updated our information according to the modupdate on the Hamburg City Server that was published a couple of days ago. This update includes: Updated weapon damage values Updated clan list Updated system ...

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Freelancer Guide v3.0

In the last weeks we've been working on updating the design of the Freelancer Guide. The following changes have been made: Removed the menu on the left, integrated it into the ... Read on


Star Citizen an­nounced

Chris Roberts, the designer and director of Freelancer and the Wing Commander series has announced his newest project on October 10th: Star Citizen. The game takes many of the features ... Read on


Update (Mod Version 3.19)

Due to the new Mod version 3.19 the following sections where updated: Clan infos removed: - HA - AuW - TD - Guild - usF - WA Clan info update: - BB - Ryo - Nuclear System update: - Omikron Gamma sonstiges: - Mod download ... Read on


Update of system maps and clan pages

Due to the HHC mod update to version 3.18 some of the system maps an clan pages were updated. Read on


New HHC Clanvideo

Gudrun published the updated version of her video about the clans of the Hamburg City Server. It can be viewed in our Downloads section. ... Read on


HHC Clan Update

Due to the last server update on HHC server we have updated the clan pages. Read on


Equipment information refreshed

In the course of the total refreshment of the Freelancer Guide we are happy to launch the new equipment pages today. There is a new page to every piece of ... Read on


Updates due to the HHC mod update

Due to the new 3.17 mod on the Hamburg City Freelancer Server we have updated the following system maps: Cambridge, Edinburgh, Omega 41, Omikron Theta, Omikron Gamma, Sigma 13, Stuttgart, ... Read on


New Clanpages

The new clanoverview with the new clanpages have been activated today. With this navigation Problems should be fixed. ... Read on


FL - Guide v2.2

With immediate effect we have about 90 % of the data in our database which we have created in the past month. This has the following effects: - complete new system pages - ... Read on