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Dynamic Economy

First you need basic knowledge about markets: An increase in demand results in the price getting higher, whereas a fall in demand results in the price decreasing. This is the fundamental design model our implementation works after. The market is updated every 5 minutes, if you are docked you get the message market updated. The prices can only be figured out via the ingame FL menus. Notice however that prices may be one hour old (except for prices of the base your docked at). That is because every hour the client receives a global market update, notice the global market updated message ingame. Prices regenerate in the following way: Commodities that are in high demand on any base in standard FL will get more expensive over time. The prices of commodities that are being sold on any base are dropping over time. The price of any good does not increase or decrease in its value more than 50 percent of its standard price though. The dynamic economy only applies if the commodity is either being sold by the base, or if the commodity is being bought at a high price in standard FL. Prices of all other commodities on that base will never change.

HHC Server Admin Wodk4: Dynamic Economy Info, 15.05.2008

You can find the current prices in our commodities area.