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Note: This ship was modified on HHC from the vanilla Freelancer version.

Built from the ground up by Orillion's Corps of Engineers, the Anubis is a one-of-a-kind class of ship. It has been completely outfitted for optimal performance in combat, with the best possible balance of power, armor, and weapon extensibility. It is used by The Order to infiltrate, secure, and, if need be, quickly dominate in hostile situations. Though it is not an easy ship to fly, in the hands of a skilled pilot the Anubis is unbeatable.

Available on the following planets/stations:
Planet Gammu (Unknown Gamma, F6)
Planet Toledo (Omicron Minor, E4)
OS Botzler (Omicron Beta 2, E4)
Cairo (Omicron Lambda, E3)
Sinai (Omicron Lambda, D2)

ClassVery heavy Fighter
Price (Cloak)1'234'668 $
Weapon/Missile Slots6 x Class 6
Turret Slots1 x Class 6
Additional EquipmentMines
Cruise Disruptor/Torpedo
ShieldFighter Shield Class 6
Max Batteries/Nanobots29/29
Optimal Weapon Class5
Maximum Weapon Class6
Rotationspeed1.05 rad/s
Acceleration Time0.47 s
Acceleration211 m/s^2