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Price12'870 $
Hull Damage47
Shield Damage24
Energy Usage15
Rate of Fire8.33
Hull Damage/s391.67
Shield Damage/s200
Energy Usage/s125
Range600 m
Projectile Speed750 m/s
Weapon TypeLaser
Buying LocationsElbich Mining Facility (Omega 7, F5)*
Briesen Mining Facility (Omega 7, E3)*
Solarius Station (Omega 11, C3)*
Helgoland Station (Sigma 13, D6)*
Planet Kurile (Sigma 17, F5)*
Atka Research Station (Sigma 17, D4)*
Luxury Liner Hawaii (Sigma 19, E6)*
Tau-31 Gate Construction Site (Tau-23, C7)*
Nago Station (Tau-29, F5)*
Shinkaku Station (Tau-29, C5)*
Planet Harris (Tau-31, B4)*
Pacifica Base (Bering, C5)*
Barrow Base (Hudson, F3)*
Kagoshima Depot (Kyushu, G4)*
Ainu Depot (Hokkaido, C6)*
Chugoku Gate Construction Site (Hokkaido, D3)*
Kyoto Base (Chugoku, E5)*
Buffalo Base (New York, E7)*
The Ring (New Berlin, F5)*
Bonn Station (New Berlin, C5)*
Dortmund Station (New Berlin, D3)*
Essen Station (New Berlin, D3)*
Alster Shipyard (Hamburg, F5)*
Altona Station (Hamburg, F4)*
Planet Baden Baden (Stuttgart, E6)*
Freiburg Station (Stuttgart, C3)*
Planet Holstein (Frankfurt, D4)*
Mainz Storage Facility (Frankfurt, D4)*
Mannheim Station (Frankfurt, C5)*
Bruchsal Base (Frankfurt, D3)*
Leipzig Station (Dresden, C6)*
Bautzen Station (Dresden, F4)*
Planet Toledo (Omicron Minor, E4)*
Planet Alexandria (Omicron Major 2, E5)*
Sierra Nevada (Omicron Major, D5)*
Cairo (Omicron Lambda, E3)*
Menes (Omicron Lambda, C4)*
Sinai (Omicron Lambda, D2)*
OS Djoser (Omicron Lambda, E3)*

* Can only be bought with a sufficiently positive reputation