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Death's Hand Mk I

Price70 $
Hull Damage40
Shield Damage20
Energy Usage13
Rate of Fire8.33
Hull Damage/s333.33
Shield Damage/s166.67
Energy Usage/s108.33
Range600 m
Projectile Speed750 m/s
Weapon TypeLaser
Buying LocationsPlanet Toledo (Omicron Minor, E4)
Planet Gammu (Unknown Gamma, F6)*
Planet Alexandria (Omicron Major 2, E5)
Sierra Nevada (Omicron Major, D5)
Cairo (Omicron Lambda, E3)
Menes (Omicron Lambda, C4)
Sinai (Omicron Lambda, D2)
OS Djoser (Omicron Lambda, E3)

* Can only be bought with a sufficiently positive reputation